Essay Is There Going For Be A Wedding?

Essay Is There Going For Be A Wedding?

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Is There Going to Be a Wedding?
I have been stuck in this car for the past twelve hours and have finally reached the sunny, cold, and windy town of Charleston, South Carolina. Pulling into the driveway of my aunt’s house, my sister and I were both so excited to see our cousins. It felt good coming out of my dad’s sliver minivan to stretch. The ride seemed as if it would never end. Now being here, I could not remember who thought this would be a fun family adventure to drive twelve straight hours in a minivan, where the air ventilation was an open window. Being only seven years old, I was only told that I was in South Carolina with family for my oldest cousin Shelly’s wedding. She was like my big sister and role model.
After getting into my aunt’s house, my cousin squeezed my sister and me in a bear hug and dragged us up the stairs. As soon as we got into the room simultaneously they said, “Are you guys ready for the party night?” My response was, “What party? The wedding is not until Sunday, and its Friday,” Then my cousin replied, “Yeah, but they want the bride’s and groom’s families to get to know each other.” While saying those words she seemed nervous, as if she was hiding something. In the distance, our parents called and told us to get ready for the party.
Getting into my dad’s silver van once again, wearing my favorite red and white velvet dress, we drove to Shelly’s house and arrived in fifteen minutes. In the driveway, the fence door on the side of the house was open for us to come in. Walking towards the gate, I opened the silver metal door with white and blue flowers wrapped around it. Then, there was a stone path that led to an intricate tent detailed with red and golden yellow garlands hanging around the ou...

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...Because each generation grew up in a different time period the ideals of society were different. This gap of time has made an unknown division based on our belief on our views of interracial marriage.
Although interracial couples are still being discriminated against, many are able to work through the comments of other people and remember the reason why they are with their significant other. The love that the interracial couples have will helped them stay together despite what other people beliefs about them are. Interracial couple should not have to deal with discrimination based on looks or beliefs. However, by looking at the at the strong ten year marriage of Shelly and Chris, those stressful problems they had to face before they were married or made them doubt their marriage, disappeared when they looked each other remember why they are still together, love.

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