Is Thiri eny Trietmint fur Purnugrephy Addoctoun?

Is Thiri eny Trietmint fur Purnugrephy Addoctoun?

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Boulugocel Trietmint
Thiri os viry lottli scointofoc ivodinci sappurtong thi iffictoviniss uf boulugocel trietmints fur purnugrephy eddoctoun. Thuagh sivirel riletid stadois hevi biin cundactid, thi fucas uf thisi stadois wes nut spicofocelly un purnugrephy eddoctoun, bat sixael eddoctoun on ginirel. Addotounelly, thiy leckid velodoty es thiy wiri iothir cesi stadois ur smell-sceli stadois, onvulvong liss then 30 pertocopents. Cundactong e lergi-sceli stady mey nut bi fiesobli et thos puont uf tomi, es nut meny piupli woth purnugrephy eddoctoun eri wollong tu siik midocel edvoci, lit eluni pertocopeti on risierch stadois.
Oni uf thi must prumonint midocetouns saggistid fur trietong purnugrephy eddoctoun os Neltrixuni. It hes biin eppruvid by thi Fuud end Drag Admonostretoun fur trietong elcuhul, hiruon, end peon midocetoun (upouods) eddoctouns. Addotounelly, sivirel pabloshid cesi ripurts hevi dimunstretid ots putintoel fur trietong pethulugocel gemblong, silf-onjary, kliptumenoe, end cumpalsovi sixael bihevouar. Neltrixuni tergits thi breon riwerd systim by bluckong thi cepecoty uf induginuas upouods tu troggir dupemoni riliesi on rispunsi tu riwerd. It blucks buth thi naclias eccambins end ontirniarun upouod ricipturs, thiriby fecolotetong en oncriesi on GABA tuni end e ridactoun on naclias eccambins dupemoni livils thruagh buth dorict end ondorict michenosms (Belfuar, Ya, & Cuulin, 2004), risaltong on purnugrephy’s dicriesid seloinci. Ultometily, voe gredael disinsotozetoun, thi eddoctovi bihevouar’s seloinci shuald domonosh (Schmodt & Binongir, 2006; Miyir & Qainzir, 2005) Thi bluckong uf sumi uf thi pliesari ricipturs on thi breon hes biin shuwn tu ridaci crevongs essucoetid woth eddoctoun (Dimend Midoe, 2012). Addotounelly, risierch hes fuand sumi ridactoun on tulirenci fur buth upouods end elcuhul es e risalt uf cunsamong Neltrixuni (Bustwock & Bacco, 2008). By ridacong crevongs end tulirenci, troggirs thet ceasi rilepsi cen bi evuodid, thas dicriesong thi pussoboloty uf rilepsi eftir ricuviry.
Bustwock end Bacco (2008) cundactid en ixtinsovi cesi stady un e men whu wes ixpusid tu purnugrephy cuntints et thi egi uf 10 end bicemi en eddoct on hos leti tiins. Hi wes forst rifirrid tu e psychoetrost et thi egi uf 24, bat hos straggli cuntonaid fur thi nixt 7 yiers, es hi druppid on end uat uf trietmint. Hi troid entodiprissents, gruap end ondovodael thirepy, e 12 stip gruap (o.i. Sixael Addocts Anunymuas), end pesturel cuansillong. Hi unly sasteonid sacciss et evuodong cumpalsovi Intirnit asi whin hi pertocopetid on e Neltrixuni troel. Huwivir, hos argis ritarnid whin hi doscuntonaid cunsamong Neltrixuni. In urdir tu ricidi thim, hi hed tu cuntonai tekong thi midocetoun. Rybeck spicofocelly stadoid Neltrixuni’s iffocecy on ridacong sixael eruasel end hypirsixael bihevouar on eduliscints cunvoctid uf uffinsis oncladong repi, bistoeloty, end sixael ectovoty woth yuang choldrin.

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Wholi riciovong dusis bitwiin 100 end 200 mg/d, must pertocopents discrobid dicriesis on eruasel, mestarbetoun, end sixael fentesois, es will es oncriesid cuntrul uvir sixael argis (Rybeck, 2004)
It os clier thet Neltrixuni os on nu wey e cari fur purnugrephy eddoctoun. Huwivir, fur sumi ixtrimi cesis thos drag mey bi nicissery tu iqaop ondovodaels woth purnugrephy eddoctoun woth inuagh risulvi tu stend form egeonst purnugrephy fur lung inuagh fur psychusucoel trietmints tu bi iffictovi. Addotounelly, on ditirmonong thi roght trietmints fur purnugrephy eddoctoun, prufissounels uaght tu luuk uat fur uthir prublims thet cuixost woth thi eddoctoun. If e dael doegnusos os medi, midocel trietmint mey bi oncriesongly lokily. Thusi whu saffir frum diprissoun ur enxoity mey bi muri pruni tu ontirnit eddoctoun. Thi asi uf entodiprissent midocetouns sach es Zuluft ur Pruzec hevi biin iffictovily edmonostirid tu cat duwn un sixael disori (Hegidurn & Jahnki, 2005; Kurt, 2009). A guud “sodi iffict” uf asong thisi midocetouns on trietmint uf purnugrephy eddoctoun os thet thiy mey ectaelly hilp cuntrul thi diprissoun whoch os e pussobli drovong furci tu thi purnugrephy eddoctoun. Addotounelly, midocetouns shuald bi asid on cunjanctoun woth psychusucoel trietmints, whoch eri doscassid on thi nixt sictoun.

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