Essay about Is There Any Good Languages?

Essay about Is There Any Good Languages?

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Are there any good languages? What should be done to preserve one language over another? If a nation’s language is sacrificed for the allowance of others, will the quality of the community and culture be lost as well? When Roman people, living on the outer exterior of the Roman Empire, first began encountering the barbaric tribes of the North, noting the Germanic “babble,” did they ever consider the eventual expiration of the Empire and the extinction of their familiar Latin? Today, the United States and many of its citizens are asking the question, “Should English finally be made the official language of the United States?” After all, with the amount immigrants currently residing in the US, carrying their native language over our borders, and their apprehension of adopting English, we could eventually find English not being the predominate language used in the US. It’s a huge problem… isn’t it? Shouldn’t the state declare English the official language of the US and exterminate the current assortment of germinating languages before they supplant our beloved tongue? No, English shouldn’t be made the official language of the US due to the importance of diversity in the America, the marginalization of speakers of unique language systems and the difficulty of pinning down the best version of English.
Firstly, the United States is, and nearly has always been a harbor of linguistic variety deserving of celebration rather standardization. As pointed out in the article Should English be the Law? King suggested the great distinctiveness of American multi-culturalism. “America has that unique otherness of which I spoke. In spite of all our racial divisions and economic unfairness, we have respect for the individual, and opportunity (492)....

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... by making them unofficial. As Lederer concluded on the importance of dialects, “let us hope that American English does not turn into a bland, homogenized, pasteurized, assembly line product. May our bodacious language remain tasty and nourishing. Full of variety, and local ingredients (155).
Many have recently suggested the importance of finally cementing English as the official language of the United States of America. As nice as that sounds, it is not necessary or wise. Many immigrant cultures will be hurt by having to adopt English. This will ultimately hurt America as many individuals will be displaced by a nation who doesn’t recognize their need to use their own language. Finally, there are some many versions of English it would be impossible to pick one where even other English speakers will be miffed. English shouldn’t be the law. Not now and likely never.

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