Essay on Is There A Thin Line For Corruption?

Essay on Is There A Thin Line For Corruption?

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Is there a thin line for corruption in the job? One may not think that it is because may not violate the law in some way and see that it may be for a good cause. I am going to ask you to look at this story and see if the officer across the line. This story just happen recently in Philadelphia and it display a situation with a police officer and citizen with a favor for a favor. A veteran police pulled over to men in the car and told them to buy two tickets for a police fundraiser that they were having. Then the officer stated to the men in the car “Either you buy these, or I take your car because it 's unregistered” (Henry, 2015). Then because the driver does not won’t his car taken and knew that he could take it, he gives the police officer the money. By this happen it cause the police force to be embarrass because it shows the public that the police can use their authority power. Also, even though the fundraiser for a good cause this action affected the charity by instead of putting a positive/helpful light on it, it has hurt the event (Henry, 2015). There is an on going investigation about this officer and the action he display. They do not know yet if there will be any criminal charges (Henry, 2015). This is police misconduct, which is apart of corruption. In mention corruption people may bring up the context “a few bad apples” in reference to bad officers in the department (To collect and serve, 2015). This interested to discover the theory of bad apples that was also discuss in the Knapp commission. Knapp view that according to the theory that if an officer is founded to be corrupt then they must be rejected as a rotten apple (Newburn & Webb, 1999). Knapp corruption could be from a underlying disease, but that must not be a...

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...factor in preventing/ stopping corruption is trust. Having trust among officers and the public, other officers, and the supervisors is very important (Martin, 2011). Then he mention effacement of self-interest that is a characteristics that is needed with the helping of corruption. Also there is courage and honesty to know whats right and wrong and to admit it. Justice is another one that is owed to the public and community (Martin, 2011). Last is responsibility in which one takes ownership in what they did wrong and understand what is the right thing to do. McCafferty and McCafferty (1998) stated “Policing has become much more complex and difficult than in the past, and police officers need to know the legal implications of what they do” (p.62). The thing that is going to help with having officers with good ethics an integrity is to reformed recruitment and training.

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