Essay on Is Their A Right Time For An Abortion?

Essay on Is Their A Right Time For An Abortion?

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Is Their a Right Time for an Abortion? Should it be Legal? How Would It feel?

Do you live in a civilised world, the thought of millions of individuals murdered every day across Britain is awful, I believe the world is going to drastically change over the next few years, there are way to many abortions taking place because of little care being used whilst having sexual intercourse, their taking it for granted that they are able to just be able to get an abortion, my writing shows that everyone has different opinions on abortions and every situation is different.
Human rights gives the right to live, so does its mean a fetus is not? Is this because it can not jump out and defend its self? The ending of a pregnancy through the death and expulsion of the fetus can occur naturally sometimes but this is known as miscarriage, the planned termination of an unwanted child is what is and known as an abortion this is a way of ending a pregnancy, Abortion also can be known as a `termination` this is the ending of a pregnancy by removing the fetus or embryo before is could survive outside in of the uterus, this can be done willingly so then classed as an induced abortion, the word abortion usually only means to some people as an induced abortion were as a similar process is called abortions and is when a procedure is taken place after the fetus could be able to live outside of the womb, this is known as a late termination of pregnancy. It is legal in England and Wales under the abortion act 1967 with no age limit to receive a termination. The procedure for abortions would differ depending on how many weeks pregnant the mother is she would have to take medication or have surgery to remove it. Some people do not know what an abortion is, ...

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...n wanted to have an abortion should have the choice of having to see a doctor in person with 78% agreeing that the woman would be at risk if she would not be able to see a doctor to consider an abortion. (catholic-herald, 2016)
After 24 weeks though? Wouldn 't this be like killing a new born baby? Some babies born at this stage have survived and are increasingly likely to survive. The evidence has changed since the limit was that an Ultrasound scan in 2004 had shown a 12 week-old fetus walking in the womb and scientists have also after then said fetuses as young as 20 weeks could feel pain. (Telegraph, 2016)
Although abortion has to be taken sometimes to save the life 's of a mother it is argued that abortions should not be excused and used as an escape route to those who failed to take responsibility with regards to suitable protection from unwanted pregnancies.

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