Is The Worldwide Improvement to Our Lifestyle Damaging The Environment? Essay

Is The Worldwide Improvement to Our Lifestyle Damaging The Environment? Essay

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Human beings always are addicted to nature, because, we have to supply our needs from nature. We used natural sources unconsciously in order to survive. We thought that nature exists for human being, Therefore, why do not we use it? However, have we ever thought what the capacity of nature is? Especially since fifty years, consumption of natural sources reaches high levels; because, people want to live in high standards and strictly aim at this goal. They also think that pollution or overconsumption has less importance than economical growth or high standards of living. In order to improve, environment can be harmed. For a long time, nature was a victim of this ideology. However, with high technology and being aware of earth’s health, damage in nature is not an inevitable consequence of improvements in the standards of living anymore.

There are so many selfish people. They want to be happy, rich and have a high quality of life. In order to make them real, they do not afraid of sacrifice anything, especially nature. They believe that nature can be harmed and natural sources can be overused in order to supply needs for any kind of human activities, such as sheltering, alimentation, in order to have better lives. They work hard to improve their lives and country. With their efforts and high technology, we know that many inventions have done and new materials have created. People use them in order to make products better whatever their toxicity level is. After that, they dump chemicals, hazardous waste in rivers or water supplies without any environmental concerns. However, it is immediate that there are alternative ways to beware of harm in nature. Improvements are not only done for human beings. They can be beneficial for nature; t...

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... budget in order to afford these systems, they will gain their money in short period. Renewable energy is definitely worth it, because it is limitless, harmless and helps to improve economy and peoples lives at the same time.

In conclusion, the damage of the environment is not an inevitable consequence of worldwide improvements in the standard of living. Improvements can be done with any harm behind in nature, because we live in technology age and have equipments to do. Only thing to do is respect to nature. Then, automatically people will start to think how nature can be protected and find alternative ways keep it healthy. If people use nature consciously, there is no over pollution, no unhealthy world.

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Extraordinary progress has been made in the development of practical process and products from polymers such as starch, cellulose, and lactic acid.

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