Essay about Is the Use of Animals in Medical Research a Necessary Measure?

Essay about Is the Use of Animals in Medical Research a Necessary Measure?

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Throughout history, animals have been used in experiments to test product safety and obtain medical knowledge that benefits both humans and animals alike. Every year there are numerous medical breakthroughs, such as medications and surgical instruments, which are tested on animals to insure their safety before they are deemed acceptable for human use. Even though the results of the experiments saved millions of human lives, they are also killing millions of innocent animal lives in the process. The use of animals for scientific experimentation purposes is unnecessary because countless animals are put through painful procedures in order to benefit humans lives when there are known alternative methods for achieving the same experimental results.
Animal experimentation is not a modern day research method; Aristotle was one of the first to be recorded to use live animals in his research (Thomassen 2). During his time, religion played a main role in society, making people believe they were supreme rulers over all other living beings on the earth as stated in the bible. Because of this fact, humans and animals were not linked and research was conducted only to learn more about non-human species. It was not until 1859 when Charles Darwin came up with his theory of evolution that human and animal body systems were connected (Thomassen 2). Darwin’s theory sparked the interest of many scientists and initiated the medical research revolution. Through the use of animals for medical research over the past two centuries, scientists were able to generate vaccinations and medications, find innovative surgical methods, and manufacture medical equipment used to save lives. Without animal experimentation, the medical world would not be as...

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