Essay on Is The Ultimate Real Girl?

Essay on Is The Ultimate Real Girl?

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I’m sure a lot of us have, or have had that “I’m not like other girls” mindset. “I like pizza and fart jokes and reading and drinking tea,” we say to ourselves. We’re real.

But what is so wrong with being like other girls? If you don’t like pizza or Netflix, does that make you not real? Are women who like salads and going out a night not real? Are they not complicated human beings like the rest of us? Do they not deserve the same respect?

Who determines what “real” means? And why is it just a desired trait for women to have?

There have been endless female celebrities who have been lauded for being “real,” such as Jennifer Lawrence, the ultimate Real Girl. People fawn over them for being different and relatable and cool. That’s fine and dandy. But have you ever stopped to wonder why male celebrities aren’t treated the same way? Yes, we drool over guys like Chris Pratt for being down-to-earth and funny (and hot), but don’t we also celebrate guys like Zac Efron, Idris Elba, or Leonardo DiCaprio? Whether it’s because they’re attractive or talented, we still don’t hold them to the same standards. They don’t have to make bawdy jokes, show that they’re accessible or talk about their love of junk food in order for us to love them. We just do.

So why does this happen? Why do we have different standards for men and women, celebrities or not? It can’t just be because guys are hot? Why do women first have to prove that they’re “cool” girls before we like them?

It’s because we see men as individuals and see other women as competitors.

We’ve been conditioned since childhood to believe that one woman’s success is another woman’s failure. When one woman gets the job, another doesn’t. When one woman gets the guy, another doesn’t. I’m sur...

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... time tearing each other down? Don’t we see what the problem is? Why are we breaking one another down when we should instead be attacking the misogynistic jerks who keep perpetuating such ideas about women? The stupid YouTube video commenters whose only assessment of a woman is about whether she is “fuckable” or not. Your uncle who thinks jokes about women staying in the kitchen is hilarious. Donald fucking Trump whose response to a good question a female journalist asked was that there was “blood coming out of wherever.”

Let’s take those douchemonkeys down instead of attacking one another? Because we are all real, intelligent, worthy women who should be supporting one another instead of tearing each other apart. That will just allow men to manipulate us, turn us against one another and control all the power. Because we’re real women and we don’t stand for that shit.

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