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Is The Toronto Daily Star? Essay

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There are events that bring society to a standstill. Events that have such large influence on the future that their intent is never disregarded. The Great War was one that changed how society would place bias on groups of people, would bring a new meaning to nationalism and show the brutal devastation a group of people can cause to one another. It is clear reminder of how far humans as a population have come in the past 100 years and how far society has yet to go. In the Toronto Daily Star during July of 1914 it is very apparent of a war ambiance in the air, everyone just waiting for their leaders to pull the trigger. It was truly a different time not only because of the future war but many prejudices that have now been slowly abolished. The Toronto Daily Star is referenced to show the severity of the situation in 1914 where war pressures were met by the eventual ruthless fighting that claimed more than 10 million people’s lives. All in all, there is an imminent difference in the style of living because of all the propaganda and political turmoil.
It is important to start with what people were thinking in this dire time. Everyone on edge with fears that a war will affect their lives in one way or another. H.H. Asquith of whom was the Liberal Prime Minister of the United Kingdom at the time stated “that a war is likely” which fuels confusion most individuals have on the issue (Toronto Daily Star 1914). This is critical because a leader is telling their people with undoubtable certainty that their country will be going to war. It would be overwhelming to a rational to person to process this information and would be an indescribable feeling. As Canada and Britain have such strong ties this would lead Canada into the war when Britain...

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...ader must extrapolate upon the events that occurred and brought forth by the Toronto Daily, indirectly connecting the dots.
Sensibly, the reader must understand what the writers were intending, the thought they were trying to spur, the word they were trying to spread. These are aspects that make a truly good paper. From the comic strips located in the interiors of the daily to the political propaganda, it is evident that it was truly a different time in 1914. There is lot to be learnt from reading through these old tabloids. The one thing the reader cannot grasp is the true torment felt by Ontarians and people worldwide for that matter, of the struggling era of 1914 that would reshape international political boundaries. This indirect effect on Ontario that would sculpt the province to what it is today is due to the political propaganda and turmoil that took place.

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