Is The Technology For Schools Are Improving Students Learning? Essay

Is The Technology For Schools Are Improving Students Learning? Essay

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Argument One

Topic/Issue: Middle school education
Audience: School Board, parents, and teachers.
Subject Matter Question: Is the technology in schools are improving students learning?
Thesis Statement: Educational technology is used by teacher to support instruction. The integration of the students in learning with technology is successful.

Technology should be implemented in middle schools, children have better knowledge when they learn with interaction like the use of a computer. Studies in United States regarding learning and technology in classrooms show that the understanding of students is superior when teachers let them use devices like tablets and computers. They feel more motivated and ready to learn. School board, teachers, and parents should be aware of the differences when a kid is learning material with technology and without it. Parents specially will see the changes when they look at their kids grades. The education of their children is the number one priority for them. Electronic components are being well accepted by the middle school students and their teachers. They agree that interactive material bring the attention of kids and that that makes them to be focus on what is been taught. But not all middle schools in United States had implemented or are implementing technology devices in classrooms. There is a challenge in the issue. Implementing these kind of devices, computers, is costly, some schools do not have the enough money to buy devices for all students. With the most simple computer staring at two hundred dollars, schools may not afford the expenses of a classroom set, that is around twenty eight computers, even if they share the equipment with other classes. Educational technology is used by teacher ...

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...nts from middle school should have the opportunity to learn with technological devices. They feel attracted to them. School Board, parents, and teachers will agree that there is an enormous improvement in the child 's learning techniques when they use technology.
Technology is increasing each year, cars that park by themselves, robots working as humans, computes archiving thousands of information, like the ones used by the government to have record of people living in the country; why not having technology for middle school learning. Students can learn more, they feel very attracted to use devices for their learning, is an incentive, because curiosity creates learning. Middle school students can be more prepare for their future, twenty five year from now. Computers and tables for educational purposes does not affect middle school students, is a new style of learning.

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