Is The Teacher Shaped? Essay

Is The Teacher Shaped? Essay

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Every classroom is individual because every child within it is different and the teacher unique, but how is the teacher shaped? Being trustworthy, patient, organised, knowledgeable, charismatic and enthusiastic are all qualities, perceived by copious different people, of an effective teacher, but a teacher is not distinguished alone on any one element, for example ‘a teacher is judged not on personality, but on effectiveness. Being effective does not mean being perfect…but bringing out the best in pupils’ (Cullingford, 1995:xii).
Many, including Beauchamp and Thomas, 2009 and Stenburg, 2010 identified that the teacher’s own personal experiences throughout their life, such as cultural backgrounds, psychological make-up and own education, shape their attitudes and values which then influence how they see themselves as a teacher and the kind of teacher they are. Olsen (2008:24, cited Dunne, 2011) called this ‘embedded understandings’. These ‘shape how teachers interpret, evaluate and continuously collaborate in the construction of their own development’ (2008:24, cited Dunne, 2011), establishing their own ‘teacher-identity’. As Beauchamp and Thomas, 2009 state, the concepts of identity are complex and multi-dimensional, but ‘teacher-identity’ can be defined as the relationship between their personal-self and their professional-self. Stenberg (2010:332 cited Dunne, 2011) refers to these two points as:
• Self-identity: Who am I?
• Professional-identity: Who am I as a teacher?

As knowledge and experiences continue throughout life in response to circumstances, modifications of both self-identity and professional-identity are ever present, and being able to reflect on who you are and why, is imperative. Because of this, as professed b...

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...ions are regularly titled as Gibbs ' reflective cycle, which are simplified into the following six specific stages; Description-Feelings-Evaluation-Analysis-Conclusions-Action plan.

- Rolfe’s, 2001 model is based around Borton’s 1970 developmental model; a straightforward course composed of 3 questions which asks the practitioner, ‘What, So What and Now What?’

Concluding the ‘effective being reflective’ concept, it centres around the idea of lifelong learning and is used to promote independent professionals who are continuously engaged in the reflection of situations they encounter within their professional careers and ‘strive for professional development and improvement through reflective practice creating effective and stimulating opportunities for learning through high quality teaching that enables the development and progression of all learners’ (LLUK 2006:2).

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