Is The Suspect Attempting Shoot The Victim With A Loaded Firearm? Essay

Is The Suspect Attempting Shoot The Victim With A Loaded Firearm? Essay

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This case involves the suspect attempting to shoot the victim with a loaded firearm.
This incident occurred near the area of La Pintoresca Park located at 1435 N. Raymond Avenue.
Item: Description:
1 Razor scooter
On 02-09-16 at 1425 hours, Officer Reep #7306 and I monitored the radio traffic from Pasadena Police Dispatch that shots were fired in the area of La Pintoresca Park located at 1435 N. Raymond Avenue. As we were driving towards the location, PPD Dispatch stated that a male Black was seen with a handgun inside of La Pintoresca Park chasing two females with black clothing. PPD Dispatch advised that the male Black was seen running toward Iowa Street from Raymond Avenue. The male Black was described as tall, thin build and wearing black clothing, NFD.
Corporal Locklin #5300, Officer Marin #5450, Officer Harrell #3441 and Officer Winkler #9511 responded to assist. Officer Reep and I responded to the area of Washington Boulevard and Iowa Street to locate any victims, witnesses or suspects. Upon our arrival, Officer Reep and I contained the area at Iowa Street and Mountain Boulevard. We checked the area for any bullet casings which met with negative results.
I spoke with Witness Darrly Deshon McGriff, who told me the following information in summary: McGriff was sitting in the living room of his second floor apartment complex. McGriff heard someone whistling at the rear gate of his residence. McGriff looked out the living room window and saw two male Blacks standing outside of the rear fence, located on Iowa Street. The two males told McGriff they were not looking for him as they continued to stand next to the fence. McGriff saw tha...

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...op. Galvan reportedly saw the male run across Fair Oaks Avenue, into La Pintoresca Park and out of sight. Galvan believed the two females returned to a vehicle parked inside of the above lot. Galvan told me he did not see the male use the handgun against anyone.
Galvan described the male Black as dark in complexion, approximately 20 years of age, between 6’0” in height and about 180 lbs., with short hair and wearing a dark T-shirt and black or dark blue jeans, NFD. Galvan described the two female Blacks as approximately 20 years of age, about 5’06” in height, 160 lbs. with long straight hair, NFD. Galvan told me he would not be able to identify the above individual’s if seen again.
Officer Reep contacted Witness Latanya Tate, via telephone and obtained her statement (refer to Officer Reep’s add report for additional information).
Case to Detectives.

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