Is the Stability of the Horn of Africa Contingent on a Peace Agreement Between Ethiopia and Eritrea?

Is the Stability of the Horn of Africa Contingent on a Peace Agreement Between Ethiopia and Eritrea?

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The relationship between Ethiopia and Eritrea has become an issue of interest in recent years to the United States as well as the rest of the world. The history between the two countries has been detrimental to the development of each country which in turn trickles over their borders into the rest of the region. War, annexation, border disputes and their external influences in the region are just a few of the ongoing issues both of these countries continue to have with each other today. With the continued uncertainty of the surrounding region, the United States, along with its NATO partners are deeply concerned with the threat of terrorist organizations spreading and thriving in this region due to the instability that continues to grow throughout the Horn of Africa. “We believe that any return to conflict between Ethiopia and Eritrea would undermine stability throughout the entire region.”(Whelan 2008) If Ethiopia and Eritrea can come to the table to resolve their differences and come to a peaceful resolution then the Horn of Africa as a region will follow suit thus bringing stability to this region.
Ethiopia is the oldest independent country in Africa. Ethiopia’s population is 64.1 million and the national capital is Addis Ababa. Eritrea gained independence from Ethiopia in May 1993. Eritrea’s population is 4.1 million and the national capital is Asmara. “Eritrea was an Italian colony for sixty years prior to becoming united to Ethiopia in a Federation from 1952 until 1962. Ethiopia annexed Eritrea in 1962 arguing that the country was part of Ethiopia before Italian colonization. Eritreans waged a thirty years war of liberation against Ethiopia in the course of which they denied any historical links with Ethiopia, whi...

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...stability in the Horn of Africa starts with the peaceful resolution of the border conflict between Ethiopia and Eritrea. The numerous issues that continue to plague this region will now be at the forefront rather than the conflict that has continued for many years. I truly believe that with stability come solutions not only from within but from external entities.

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