Is The Solid State Drive? Essay

Is The Solid State Drive? Essay

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The solid state drive is a very unique piece of technology that was created in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s. It is a storage device that incorporates solid-state memory and emulates a hard disk drive to store data. Solid state drives use interfaces such as USB and PCI express. It is very light, quiet and uses very little power to function, thus making it a very important piece in a modern day computer. As time goes by, there are more and more solid state drives that are found in laptops and even mobile devices as they are relativity smaller than hard disk drives and are much faster. Also if you accidently drop your laptop or mobile device from a decent height (five feet) while it’s processing, then you will greater chances of retrieving your data than a hard disk drive. But there are indeed some downsides to the solid state drive, not many but one that makes it hard to come by, the cost. The cost of these small, fast, crazy pieces cost roughly 3$/gigabyte to 0.15$/gigabyte depending on the model, brand, speed and size of course. Compared to other storage devices, these are the highest possible prices that you can ask for, with reason of course, these things are far too fast to be cheap. In this essay I will be comparing hard disk drives with solid state drives, why I choose this topic for my essay and finally the future of the solid state drive.
Many people may think that the solid state drive is the younger brother of the hard disk drive and we can confirm that they are not twins other than that they are both a type of mass storage devices that maintain the stored data even without power. The solid state drive has an array of semiconductor memory organized as a disk drive and uses lasers and the “pit and land method” to poi...

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... solid state drive seems to be hitting a roadblock and in need of another invention or way to make it not trade off its potential. A group of graduates have stated that the solid state drive will become faster but the faster, the less capacity it tends to have, or else there are frequent bit errors and slowdowns. He states that if we want to have more capacity in solid state drives, we would have to trade off speed for it, which the future will not want since people want a technology that just upgrades, instead of trading what you want, for something that you want… What do you think will happen in the near future? The graduate says that the solid state drive will reach its maximum in 2024, do you believe this will be the end of the solid state drive? Do you think they will find a way to combine solid state drive capacity with its speed without any penalties?

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