Is The Person Next You Me A Friend? Essay examples

Is The Person Next You Me A Friend? Essay examples

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Is the Person Next to Me A Friend?
Friends can be classified in many ways, friends can be real or fake, and friends have many characteristics. Society often throws the term “friend” around making in a loose term. Many times someone gets mistaken as a friend because they are enjoyable to be around, but is that what creates a friendship? Friendship has much more meaning than what society gives; there are things that attract a friendship, there are ways to classify a friend, and there is things real friends to verse fake friends.
Several places can attract people to become friends; however, there are three main ones that every person can relate to. The one that attracts friends the most is the common interests shared between each other, according to Psychology Today ("The True Meaning Of Friendship" 2). Many times people who are in the same classes become friends because they spend a majority of the day working on the same subjects; they both are interested in what they are learning, drawing them close. Other cases might be like Carolyn and Emily’s story. Both girls attended basketball camp two years in a row, the first year they got to know each other creating a bond, so by the second year the two girls were familiar enough with each other that they were able to room together. Camps are a great way to meet and make new friends who may be a benefit in the future. Many people try to say that they do not share interests in their friends; although that may be true, time spent doing something both people enjoy is more exciting than when there is not a shared interest, according to Psychology Today ("The True Meaning Of Friendship." 2). Everyone has gone through rough places in their lives, many people go through similar ones drawing the...

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...eople need to think about what their friends do for them and what they do not do for them, so that they can determine their real friends verse their fake friends.
To sum everything up, people need to step back and think about the friendship they have. Are they people in their lives truly their friends? Friendship often form when two people share a common interest. To have a good time with friends, people need to have a common interest, if not the time will be boring. There are characteristics to determine a friend, people often forget to look at what their friend is offering them versus what their friend is not doing. On the flip side, people need to think about what they are like as a friend. Many times fake friends make themselves look like they are a best friend and are always going to be there; these are the people that make society use the term “friend” loosely.

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