Is The Patriot Act Just Six Short Weeks After The 9 / 11 Tragedy? Essay

Is The Patriot Act Just Six Short Weeks After The 9 / 11 Tragedy? Essay

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Violence weaves its way in and out of the events of Candide, and also throughout the reality of our world. It oftentimes destroys relationships between individuals and also between countries and states, as demonstrated by wars that have divided countries and their loyalties for centuries. Countries that have been at war with one another in the past may still feel lingering tensions even in the present day. In a modern day instance, the attacks on the United States on September 11th rocked the nation to its core. Citizens were frightened to travel internationally due to their suspicions of airplanes and who was really flying them to their destination; the entire country felt the effects of the event. In an effort to provide national security to the United States, Congress passed the Patriot Act just six short weeks after the 9/11 tragedy (American Civil Liberties Union). In this provision, the United States’ Government was allowed to take practically any and all measures in order to provide safety to the nation and prevent any further attacks from happening. This act gave the government the ability to collect records of individuals from the likes of doctor’s offices, university or academic records, and even Internet searches from a person’s Internet service provider. No longer were these third parties allowed to refuse to hand over these private documentations after the Patriot Act was passed (ACLU). The government now had the ability to search a citizen’s home without notifying them first and the Federal Bureau of Investigation could gather information without probable cause (ACLU). These are incredibly extreme methods the United States chose to follow in order to protect its citizens, but it furthers the case that humans react to...

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... and expand along with the misfortunes. I have focused my real-world examples mainly in the United States to demonstrate the claims and assumptions I have made, but people suffer from these same kinds of illnesses, violence, and disasters all over the world. These preparations are not just limited to the United States, and rehabilitation measures are also in effect in many other parts of the world along with America. One thing we know for certain is this: there is undoubtedly evil and unjustness in our world, and not everything is “for the greater good” as Professor Pangloss would insist. Humanity, as a whole, accepts this and strives to protect ourselves from it in the future. We acknowledge the presence of evil as something that simply exists—much more than Pangloss can account for—and that gives us an advantage to survive the trials and tribulations of this world.

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