Is The Nfl Caliber Quarterback? Essay

Is The Nfl Caliber Quarterback? Essay

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Two national championships, a Heisman trophy, and being one of the most celebrated and iconic college football players in history, but Tim Tebow still finds himself not on the depth chart of any team in the National Football League. Why? There are legends in the NFL that have none of these accolades so, Tim Tebow, someone who has achieved theses esteemed milestones most definitely deserves to have a spot in the league as well. All of this questions the idea of what exactly constitutes an NFL caliber quarterback and what criteria these prospects are judged upon.
The University of Florida during the Tebow era was absolute mayhem. I can remember being about 11 years old going to the games and watching this superhero of a man dominate other nationally ranked player’s day in and day out. The hype surrounded Tebow, he was constantly praised on ESPN every time you turned the channel on and you would be hard pressed to go anywhere where college football was prevalent and not hear his name. The amazing thing about him was he rarely ever lost, and when he did he made sure to make up for it. In fact, in September of 2008 the Gators has just suffered their first loss of a season in which they had hoped to go undefeated. Tebow was interviewed after the game and he promised all of Gator Nation that for the rest of the season they would be relentless in their efforts and not only not lose another game, but also bring home another National Championship. Tim Tebow delivered upon his promise. The Gators did just that and won their second National Championship under Tebow’s leadership. The University of Florida was so impacted by this promise that came to fruition that they created a plaque with the exact phrasing of “The Promise” that hangs in mem...

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...will fill to the brim. Tim Tebow is a lucrative asset that teams cannot afford to overlook when they desire to make more money and gain popularity among the other teams in the league.
In the end it is absolutely ludicrous that Tim Tebow is not an NFL quarterback. He certainly possesses more than enough traits and abilities that would qualify him as one. NFL teams need to open their eyes and realize that Tim Tebow will only do immense good for their organization. He will win games, he will be a role model and an immaculate poster child for any organization, and he will bring in more money to the owners than they could ever imagine. What else does a NFL quarterback need to do? At the end of the day, Tim Tebow is a legitimate candidate for an NFL quarterback position, It is just going to take an owner that sees his true potential to make that become reality again.

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