Essay on Is The Most Important Scientist? Human History?

Essay on Is The Most Important Scientist? Human History?

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What is the most important scientist in human history? Some people many instantly think of Albert Einstein who is famous for his work with the theory of relativity. Or of Isaac Newton who came up with the theory of gravity. Few will think of Marie Currie for her work with radioactivity or of Rosaline Franklin who discovered that DNA was shaped in a double healix. These women’s work are immensely important. Without their work in the field we would know significantly less about radioactivity and the structure of DNA. Since these women’s work drastically changed and improved science then why aren’t more girls choosing career paths in STEM fields?
Less and less girls are choosing career in STEM fields causing a growing gender gap as well as a decline in many STEM fields. Now one may wonder what is STEM? The acronym STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. (Lawerence-Turner Jody, 1) There are many reasons that few girls are choosing careers in STEM fields.This is due to many factors such as socialization, lack of exposure, and lack of female role models. (Danae King, 2) A growing issue in many countries is that STEM fields are rapidly growing and are in need of people to work in them. But they are rapidly running out of qualified people to work in these fields. (Lawrence-Turner Jody, 2)
There are many people and industries that can be affected by the lack of girls and women in STEM. The STEM industry itself is widely affected by the lack of women and girls. Due to this lack the industry is undiverse and lacks female leaders. (Lawrence-Turner Jody, 4) Young girls and especially African American and Latino girls are greatly affected by this. Due to the lack of role models and positivity towards women in the STEM fi...

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...hen. The STEM field needs to be a place where everyone belongs. If the amount of women in the STEM field doesn’t increase there won’t be enough workers to keep the industry functioning smoothly.(Nath Ishani, 2) However those ways of thinking mentioned above are very outdated and there are several sources that suggest otherwise.
More girls need to get involved in STEM fields. Not only would the amount of jobs increase, more young girls would be encouraged to join STEM fields. In order for this to happen women and girls need support from their parents, schools, and the STEM industry itself. They need to feel that they have a place in the STEM industry and that they belong. They need to be encouraged instead of intimidated and their interest needs to be nurtured instead crushed. The world desperately needs more people involved in STEM. And women are the answer.

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