The Is The Last Time I Saw My Father And Where? Essay

The Is The Last Time I Saw My Father And Where? Essay

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-When was the last time I saw my father and where?
-When he was in a tomb.
I don`t usually start off this way, but his death has motivated me to strive for greatness. His death helped me become the person I am today. Just as hard as the beginning of this essay, life is equally hard. And so as truth!
In the Tibetan dictionary, the word “death” translates into the limit of glance. I see my father standing at the limit of what he had seen. One of our privilege as a human is to be able to see and feel the precious moments. Seeing the sunrise in the morning, raindrops slowly disappearing into the ground, the shooting stars in the night sky, looking at the eyes of your crush when he said he loves you… Limit of glance is the limit of the things you`ve seen and the things you could`ve seen. In the end, we look at the face of death as it is inevitably our fate. The world is beautiful. Evidence of it is life! Life is beautiful, its evidence is death! I believe death is as amazing as life.
I was eleven years old when I first looked at dead. Of all the faces at the funeral what I remember the most was my mother`s. As known to be the toughest of the family, she didn`t shed tears. Her calm, yet cold look made me feel like she`s the one who died and somehow my father seemed more alive than ever. That`s how I came to realize the meaning of death. It`s the remaining ones that die every day not the other way around.
Soon my mom was hospitalized and I died at the second time. That night I prayed to god to give me the power to be able to protect my family and friends. As long as I have the strength to do that, I don`t care if I am weaker than anyone else. As I felt more and more insignificant, I was giving into my own weakness and hurting the ones I ...

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...tals, environment, communal meal etc.
I think the loss of my father brought me closer to the world and also gave me a compelling outward vision. My reason to exist lies within the issues of my country; when I see those issues, I know there is hope for a change and we as a younger generation must play an important role. What my father wanted for me in life was to change lives of others and that`s exactly what I strive for now. In the future, I will finish my project and do more amazing things until the day I can say “I’m proud to be his daughter” with my head held high.
“People become sky when they die” is what my mom told me many years ago. I still don`t know how but this is what I`ve believed and still believe. Sometimes I feel lonely and every time I look at the sky and think of my dad, I feel at ease. I know he looks after me from above, I feel his smile. Always.

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