Is the Individual Better than the Society? Essay

Is the Individual Better than the Society? Essay

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Millions of people around the world have been questioning the statement, “Which is better, the individual or the society?” Many people debate this question today and even well known authors who have written novels and short stories about this topic. Many of these authors have proven their beliefs by warning their readers what the world could become if society is not controlled properly. In other words, if people rely on technology and equality too much in the future, then society will face multiple consequences that will affect many people’s lives. Another question that frequently appears is, “Why is fear of government pressure control such a huge problem with many sci-fi societies in books, movies and short stories?” The authors Kurt Vonnegut, Ray Bradbury, and Kurt Wimmer all portray societies where original ideas and freedoms are suppressed because they believed that society could eventually take control of individuals’ freedom and rights to life through technology and equality.
First of all, my first story which proves that society could potentially take control of people’s lives is The Pedestrian. Ray Bradbury writes this story in the perspective of the main character, Leonard Mead, who goes for a walk in the evening. Unfortunately, society at that time is too lazy or “screen controlled” to understand why people need to go for a walk or simply get some fresh air like Leonard does. Bradbury describes the scene of this society by writing, “The tombs, ill-lit by television light, where the people sat like the dead, the gray or multicolored lights touching their faces, but never really touching them,” (Bradbury 3). This quote illustrates many individually aligned houses all dark and lonely with a touch of colorful light inside...

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...ogy and equality can rule society faster than humanity may think because people today are so inclined to allowing the latest innovations to perform and simplify work for them. Vonnegut, Bradbury, and Wimmer predicted correctly that the world has changed significantly since these stories were written by them. Someday, these stories may come true because people are unaware of the consequences that are coming from excessive amounts of equality and technology in people’s everyday lives. To prevent this from happening, people need to limit their use of technology, to increase their activity level, and to refrain from judging people based on their looks or interests. Remember, if society fails to maintain a good balance with technology and equality, then the nation will become eaten up by using people as hosts.

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