Essay on Is the Hubble Telescope Worth the Cost?

Essay on Is the Hubble Telescope Worth the Cost?

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The Hubble space telescope is a deep space imager used by NASA to explore space. It collects light and magnifies images, and gives Astronomers the most detailed images known to man. Hubble has been at work since April 25, 1990, and celebrated its 20th anniversary in orbit April 24, 2010. Twenty years in service, and still being the leading source for space news says a lot about Hubble's overall longevity and productiveness. Over 6000 scientific articles have been published based on Hubble data, with some of its discoveries being so significant that NASA would have needed multiple satellite missions to accomplish the same results. Its importance to me is based on my lifelong interest in astronomy, and the galaxy we live in. It's importance to others, such as NASA and Astronomers around the world, is due to the fact that Hubble is currently the leading source for new information and ground-breaking discoveries when it comes to deep space, But after a stalled launch in 1985, 5 repair missions since it's beginning, and billions of dollars in funding, I asked myself: Is Hubble worth it? As part of my research for this question I read two article related to the Hubble space telescope: An article from NASA’s official website titled ‘Hubble: The Essentials’ and an article from the New York Times titled ‘Is Space Exploration Worth the Cost’ by Stephen J. Dubner. Both articles played a direct part in my question and its answer: What does Hubble do? And is it worth the cost?
In the article from the official NASA website, NASA gives a list of Hubble’s accomplishments, which gives the reader a comprehensive picture of Hubble’s importance. Hubble has not only given astronomers the most detailed images of outer-space in existence, but also taug...

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... not put a price on knowledge, and the advancement of the human race, and even if you did, the 7 billion dollar/year price tag on Hubble is nothing compared to some of the other things our country spends billions on. The Hubble Telescope has completely re-written everything we know about the galaxy we live in, and taught us things that will allow us to grow as explorers, and advance as a civilization, and continue to learn, and THAT is priceless.

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