Is the Future Set in Stone? Essay example

Is the Future Set in Stone? Essay example

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In this paper, I argue that agents have free will and therefore our futures are not set in stone. We have the free will to plan and decide our own future; therefore, we take responsibility for what we do in how our lives run. Determinism is the view that all events, including human choices, are governed by causes independent of human free will. If determinism is true and humans have sufficient knowledge of the universe, they could understand why things happen and predict what would happen in every circumstance. Libertarianism is the opposite of determinism. It is the view that the will is free, to a certain point, and that choices are not subject to causal laws or events.
Determinism is the view that all events, including human choices, are governed by causes independent of human free will. If determinism is true and humans have sufficient knowledge of the universe, they could understand why things happen and predict what would happen in every circumstance. Libertarianism is the opposite of determinism. It is the view that the will is free, to a certain point, and tha...

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