The Is The Fountain Of Youth Lies Right Within Our Lives Essay

The Is The Fountain Of Youth Lies Right Within Our Lives Essay

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Ever wondered what life would be like at age 100? Ever wondered if you could actually
live to be 100? It isn’t impossible. The truth is that the Fountain of Youth lies right within our
daily habits. In fact, only ten percent of how long the average person lives is determined by our
genes, and the other ninety percent by our lifestyle. It would be nice to put away the myths we’ve
been constantly told about life longevity. It would also be nice to start putting these life-
lengthening habits into practice right now and start adding years to our life expectancy—but the
truth is, many Americans are not quite up to par with these daily habits. So what are these habits
and why isn’t our community able to practice them? Dan Buettener teamed up with National
Geographic and the National Institute on Aging to discuss these practices in a TED Talk: How to
Live to Be 100. Here, he discusses the lifestyles of Blue Zoners and how they differ to
Americans’ lifestyles. “And this is a place where people not only reach age 100, they do so with
extraordinary vigor. Places where 102-year-olds still ride their bike to work, chop wood, and can
beat a guy 60 years younger than them” (Buettner, par. 13). Our community is very different
from these isolated Blue Zones—everything from location, culture, values, and hobbies. Aside
from these obvious differences, our diet, our mentality, and how we isolate ourselves mentally
and physically from others, also play a role in our life longevity. To put it simply, our
community does not meet the level of the Blue Zoners in these areas. Thus, I do not think it is
likely for my peers to adopt the habits of the Blue Zone inhabitants.
To begin, our diets are vastly different. The diets of the people of Virginia cannot...

... middle of paper ...

...t place too much value on the family and a regular family
dinner at the table is not as commonplace as it used to be. Americans are very opinionated
people, and I think that has contributed to dividing the community. In Okinawa, children are
born into a system where they automatically have friends whom they will travel throughout life
with, called Moai (Buettner, par. 22). These people will always have your back when something
goes wrong, very different from American society (Buettner par. 22).
In conclusion, my peers and our community here in Virginia are too different to adopt
these habits in general, as there are many factors that play a role in how likely someone is to
adopt these habits and stick with them. These things include economic status, values, culture, and
location. Our diets are different, our mentality about age, and how we isolate ourselves mentally.

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