The Is The For Motivating Large Numbers Into Taking Action And Staying Fit

The Is The For Motivating Large Numbers Into Taking Action And Staying Fit

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A Grittier Tomorrow
“Just Do It”, the Nike logo that is famously known for motivating large numbers into taking action and staying fit. Many can agree that this simple marketing method has worked and has built confidence within individuals who could not see themselves reaching their long term goals of any sort. What an even more brilliant idea it would be if the American Educational Research Association (AERA) would also create simple, efficient, and fresh methods for schools to implement on student bodies of all ages to stay motivated about their education. A ripple of consequences are rising, such as, students are settling for less in their education, an increase in dropouts, extreme parenting has become an option, and teachers are conforming themselves with educating in a comfortable manner rather than testing the boundaries towards reaching a higher level of education for the students they are responsible for. Is this a problem learners, teachers and even parents are ready to confront? The solution to growing in a broader student per spectrum should now be put into effect and translated to students by allowing them to build their firmness of character, stamina, perseverance, also known as, grit. In doing so, teachers and students would be placed in a win-win situation in class and would benefit by witnessing responsive and engaged learners.
Overview of the Problem
As stated before, when it comes to the motivational perspective of a learner, the learner seeks a simple route to take, meaning, the easy route. For example, “Just Do It” demands for a rapid decision, a rapid action, leading a person to believe that the outcome is surely to be rapid as well. It seems obvious to conclude that this is the reason as to why Nike has b...

... middle of paper ...

...achers, being one of the ultimate educational bridges, must be prepared to take on the challenge of molding themselves and their students by being grittier. In other words, not giving up and coming through with commitments and goals they might set. Although, there is a fine line for educators to become complacent, their techniques within their classroom should broaden a student’s academic freedom to explore new horizons. With that being said, the idea of education being power is no longer an idea but a truth that has the potential of moving mountains when believed in. This leaves whoever desires or has the interest in being successful in school with a question and concern, how does grit enable a student to reach a rapid and higher level of education? Teachers must be brave and take on the challenge of accepting that a grittier tomorrow is counting on them to show up.

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