Is The Easiest Part Of Being A Teenager? Essay

Is The Easiest Part Of Being A Teenager? Essay

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A teenager’s life can be easy-going and difficult. There are various things that contribute to shaping a teenager’s life. Ongoing situations can sometimes be easy to bear, but mostly tough conditions arise in this time frame. As a teenager, there are several things to contemplate about, as a new era of adulthood will usher in. A teenager can express optimistic joy, but it won’t last for long. A teenager has to be careful in making tough decisions down the road. Responsibility is a huge word teenagers should cope with because down the stretch it is necessary for them to be responsible for their actions.

When I stumbled upon the question “What is the easiest part of being a teenager?” a few things came to my mind. As I stepped up the ladder in my late teenage years, I received more freedom and learned how to drive. Having these privileges makes me less dependent on others as I can spend my time independently. I immensely appreciate having these privileges when I acknowledge them. It feels pleasant knowing that I have a profusion of options available on the table. I can roam freely a...

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