The Is The Earth We Stand On Created Essay

The Is The Earth We Stand On Created Essay

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At points in one’s life, one may begin to stumble or struggle to find a definitive world view that they can connect to. It is at these times that it is best to turn towards God and the scripture. When looking at Genesis 1-11 one can find the answers to all they are looking for. In the first book of the Bible, God gives or teaches his people what they are seeking to know about the natural world, human identity, human relationship, and civilization. Thus by looking towards the word of God one can find comfort and answers to their questions.
One of the most debated topics is, where and how was the Earth we stand on created. As public education teaches us, we were formed through evolution and one day there was simply life on the planet, even though it is impossible to make something living from the nonliving. Even though science fails to back up evolution it often begins to cast doubt into the word of God, because it has become such a widely held world view. However, there are holes in this theory as I have stated above and that is why it is not only the spiritual but also logical thing to look towards the first chapter of Genesis. In Genesis 1:1, the very first sentence of the bible states “in the beginning God created the heavens and the Earth.” That is all the information that one truly needs to begin to understand the creation of the natural world. However, we live in an age where people wish to question everything. Thus I began to seek the words of others to help support my ideals, in doing so I came across an article that stated, “neither the theorizing traditions nor the historical traditions deserve to be equated with myth.” Thus confirming that the scripture telling’s of how God worked six day in creating the earth and then ...

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...towards God. He will lead us in the right direction just as he has done for Abraham and many others. For even after Adam and Eve ate the fruit he did not abandon them.
While in this day and age it may seem difficult to see the world in a way in which one can connect with it, it is important to remember God in these situations. Look towards the scripture and if the entirety of it seems too daunting, simply start with the book of Genesis for so many answers can be found in it. The scripture within Genesis supplies us with a way to interpret and know the natural word, human identity, human relationship, and civilization. When looking at the roots of each of these topics it becomes obvious how one may apply those lessons or learnings to everyday life. The overarching theme of each is to trust in God because his unwavering love will lead you in the right direction.

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