The Is The Deteriorating Environment Essay

The Is The Deteriorating Environment Essay

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Have a Heart
Sometimes I walk home from school. Usually, my only company is rows of houses. Often, I wonder whether that person appreciates the roof above his or her head. My guess is that the person did not think to consider the fact that he or she has a place to call home. I know, because I do not. The truth is, we think that homes are permanent, but homes are fickle. Think of this concept in broader terms. We are all residents of planet Earth. As far as we know, Earth is the only planet that can sustain life. This makes Earth our home, but we are doing a lousy job at protecting it because people have grown indifferent. So, to usher change, environmentalists must change the way that they present new information to the public.
There is a problem. That problem is the deteriorating environment. Unfortunately, many people remain skeptical and ignorant about the topic, but the truth is, the Earth is dying. To start, the ten warmest years occurred in the last twelve years with 2014 as the warmest (“Global Climate Change: Vital Signs of the Planet”). As a result, the oceans are warmer, which, in turn, results in melted arctic ice and retreating glaciers (“Global Climate Change”). For instance, both Greenland and Antarctica’s “ice sheets have decreased in mass” (“Global Climate Change”). Greenland lost about thirty-six to sixty miles between 2002 and 2006 (Global Climate Change), which is equal to about 480 to 960 football fields, while Antarctica lost about thirty-six miles. This large loss of ice resulted in an increase of sea levels—a level that is about seven inches higher than that of the last century (Global Climate Change). Rising sea levels and a loss of ice affect both people and animals. A higher sea level means that “some l...

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...ething, or if they feel like they will not have an impact, they will be less motivated to participate in environmental activities. Therefore, to promote self-determination, it is crucial to “provide choices and supporting feelings that foster self-initiation” (“Self-Determined Motivation”). Once these changes are made, the disconnection between environmentalists and the public will be eliminated.
The Earth is humanity’s one and only home. So, as residents of the Earth, humans have an obligation to protect their home and all those who live in it. It is time for people to wake from their spell of apathy. It is time for people to rise and take action to prevent the planet from dying a slow, excruciating death. It is time to get a heart and employ compassion for the Earth. There is a problem and it needs to be fixed. Humans caused this problem, and humans can fix it.

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