Essay on Is the Cell Phone Safe?

Essay on Is the Cell Phone Safe?

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A mobile phone is a device that can make communications easier. It can carry messages from person A to person B. A mobile phone is also known as cellular phone, cell phone, and hand phone. They are connected to a cellular network which is provided by a mobile phone operator, and can access to the public telephone network. When a mobile phone is used then many types of reactions take place, different types of waves are released, for example heat wave, sound wave, micro-wave, and radio wave. While the waves are given off by the mobile phones, radiations are released at the same time. Radiation is energy that comes from a source and travels through matter or free space. Radiation falls under two categories which are ionizing radiation and non-ionizing radiation. Ionizing radiation is the radiation that is likely to harm us. Ionizing radiation splits into three stages depending on how harmful they are and those are alpha particles, beta particles, and gamma rays. Cell phones consist these radiations and it concludes how harmful it is to us. The three ionizing radiations are energised particles which can be harmful for our body. If the object is used and is giving off gamma rays then it is an issue to be concerned about because it can damage the body whereas if the object is giving off alpha or beta particle then there is not much to worry about. These particles may not affect the body straight away but might affect it later on. By exposing your-self to the radiation you may have a higher chance of getting cancer, and also it can cause burns. Non-Ionizing radiation is a radiation which does not have any effect to the body and will not cause much damage. The light from the sun that reaches the earth is non-ionizing radiation. When we w...

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...text messages and much more. The statement on whether the cell phones are dangerous or not have still not reached to a conclusion. Scientist are still experimenting and they are trying their best to get to a conclusion on whether the usage of a mobile phone is safe or not.

The resources I have used are internet, book and magazine. The information that I got from the internet is reliable because the sites I used was all EDU, GOV and ORG sites. Some of my information I got is from www.wikipedia .org which I found that it is not a reliable site because anyone can edit the text and write wrong information however I got some of the information from there. While doing my research what I found difficult was searching for quotes that are from scientists. The websites I used were regularly updated so all the information which I got from the website were reliable.

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