The Is The Biggest Fabrication Ever Concocted Essay

The Is The Biggest Fabrication Ever Concocted Essay

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There is a cancer plaguing the land, and it is slaughtering the very fabric of every relationship in its path. Abuse comes in a myriad of forms, and its aftermath has a negative impact that is unceasing. One may ask what is abuse, or what does an abuser look like. Particularly, this cancerous condition is not discriminatory against any social class; hence, an abuser can be of any race or gender. Although, it comes various forms, the most prevalent ones found in relationships are verbal, emotional, and physical abuse.
By the way, the saying “sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt,” is the biggest fabrication ever concocted. Herein is a contradiction; Proverbs 18:21, “death and life is in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof”. Sheila knows all too well that phrase is a lie from the depths of hell. In 1987, this beautiful young woman, thought she had met a wonderful prince charming at the tender age of 19. After a few months of dating him, she succumbed to maltreatment never encountered before in her life. Daily, she endured toxic taunting of being enormous for her age, which prompted her to execute a perilous crash diet for a year. To further his span of control over her existence, the abuser planted a wedge between Sheila, and her family. Due to her youthfulness and naiveté, the warning signs were missed. Consequently, due to this traumatic syndrome, she accepted the most regretted marriage proposal. Regularly, he bombarded her conscious and subconscious psyche with venomous utterances as the following: stupid, worst mistake ever made in life, dummy, idiot, he was the best man she could get, and that she had nothing going for her. Obsession for perfect...

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... In so many cases, the victim becomes the abuser.
In summary, abuse in any form will remain a constant, but it is up to the victim to make the necessary choices to affect change in his/her life. To this end, it is imperative the victim and the abuser obtain psychological therapy to modify the behavior, and to halt its impact on the next generation. She eventually remarried, incidentally, her current marriage developed signs of abuse, just a different form. Because of all she endured, no man can ever demolish her self-esteem nor self-worth again. It does not matter whether the abuse is verbal, emotional, or physical the aftermath is devastating, life threatening, and sometimes irreparable. Consequently, the ramifications of abuse far exceed what the mind can comprehend. Lastly, abuse is a never-ending vicious cycle that lays barren relationships in its path.

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