Essay on Is The Big 5 Theory The Best Way To Think About Personality?

Essay on Is The Big 5 Theory The Best Way To Think About Personality?

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Personality is defined as, “the combination of characteristics or qualities that form an individual's distinctive character.” There are many different theories for what makes up a person’s personality. These theories are classified under 5 general categories. These categories are: biological, behavioural, psychodynamic, humanist, and trait theories. If we look at the trait theories category, two particular theories come to mind. These two theories are, “Big 5 theory” and Eysenck's “Three Traits Theory.” In this essay, I will approach the question, which personality trait perspective is the best way to think about personality? To solve this question I will compare the Big 5 theory to the Three Trait theory.

The Big 5 theory is based around the five factor model. The five factors of the model and the theory are: Openness (or intellect), Conscientiousness, Extraversion, Agreeableness, and Neuroticism (or emotional stability). Openness is a person’s “level of creativity and curiosity.” Conscientiousness is a person’s “level of organization and work ethic.” Extraversion is the “level of sociability and enthusiasm.” Agreeableness is a person’s “level of friendliness and kindness.” And finally Neuroticism is a person’s “level of calmness and tranquility.” These 5 factors are tested by the Neo-Pi system and used to describe a personality. The Big 5 personality test is used all over the world and offered in many different languages. This is one of the most important and distinguishing factors of the theory. Because these factors can be applied all over the world it shows that personality is effected by the surrounding environment and heredity influences. The theory shows as a person ages these factors are effected. Agreeableness and Co...

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