Is The Bible True? Essay

Is The Bible True? Essay

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William C. Plachers’ article, “Is the Bible True?” explores deeper into the subject of the Bible and if it content it contains is credible information. Through Plachers’ statement, “We need to understand the genre to understand a text. Reading a text literally is not always reading it faithfully,” we are able to reach the idea that the Bible is in fact true, but it all depends on how the individual interprets the text.
Placher supports his argument that the Bible is true by alluding certain parts of the Bible to past American Literature. He starts off by explaining the importance of American Literature and how its made up of different genres and how a variety of genres are present in the Bible as well. He compares two different areas of genres, factual/biographies and fiction. He uses the example, if David McCullough had made up information for his written biography of Harry Truman then, it would be considered false information but if Charles Dickens’s made up information for his novel, Oliver Twist, it wouldn’t be considered false information because a novel or fictional piece of writing isn’t meant to contain accurate facts.
The stories of Luke and Genesis in the Bible are then used as examples of different genres shown throughout the Bible. The passage of Luke explains the story of a man who was robbed and then beaten on his journey from Jerusalem to Jericho. Not many people think to check to credibly of this story because Jesus is telling the story to make a point. On the other hand, Genesis creates a picture of pre-historical reality that describes how God created the world with no witnesses. The variety of genres is important for understanding the Bible because each genre has a different way of claiming the truth.

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...of the text. His elaborate examples and descriptions he used to convey his message to the reader were exceptional. If Placher wouldn’t have provided as much knowledge and research as he did, his claim that the Bible is true wouldn’t be justified. His many different points and perspectives on the Bible and its written text thoroughly support why the Bible is true.
Finally, Placher says, “If we are to get beyond such a state of affairs, we will have to study the Bible much more seriously. But if we believe the Bible is true, if we really trust it, we ought to be willing to do the work.” I agree with this quote fully. I believe that the Bible is true, depending on the individual and how they decode the text. We all have different perspectives and thoughts on topics that we read and when we interpret words in a way that we can understand, the text becomes more credible.

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