Is The Bible Compatible With The Theory Of Evolution? Essay

Is The Bible Compatible With The Theory Of Evolution? Essay

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Is the Bible compatible with The Theory of Evolution?
Is it possible that God used evolution to make man from the animals? Did God direct the development of the bacteria, transforming them into fish, and then reptiles and mammals, to get finally a species of apes into humans? There are scientists and religious leaders who claim to believe in the theory of evolution and the teachings of the Bible, and claim that the biblical account of creation is symbolic. It could be that you wonder if the theory that human beings evolved from animals is compatible with God 's Word.
Knowing where we come from is essential to understand who we are, where we are going and how we should live. If only we know the origin of man, perhaps we could understand why God has allowed suffering and what His plan for our future is. If we are not convinced that God is our Creator, we cannot have a good relationship with him. Therefore, let 's look at what the Bible teaches us about the origin, current status and the future of the human being. In this way, we will see if the Bible and the theory of evolution can be compatible.
Evolutionists, in general, assert that a population of animals was developed gradually to form a population of humans, which contradicts the idea that at some point there was a single man. On the other hand, the Bible presents an approach quite different because it affirms that we come from one man, Adam. In fact, The Bible speaks of this first man as a historical character, and even mentions the names of his wife and some of their children. It also gives us details as to what he did, he said, when he lived and died. Jesus never considered this story as fable. What is more, when on a certain occasion he went to educated religious leaders, h...

... middle of paper ... sure that the Bible is, without a doubt, the word of God. For example, when you understand what the Bible teaches about the cause of suffering, the Kingdom of God, the future of humanity and the mode of happiness, will recognize the depth of divine wisdom. It is possible to feel the same as the Apostle Paul, who said: “The depth of the riches and wisdom and knowledge of God!”, “How unsearchable are his judgments and uninvestigable his ways!" (Romans 11:33).
To analyze the evidence and grow in faith, you will be convinced that when you read the Bible, you are actually listening to the creator. He says: "I have made the Earth and have created even man upon it. I... my hands have extended the heavens, and all the host of them have given orders"(Isaiah 45:12). Never regret the effort you made by checking, for yourself, that the Lord is the creator of all the universe.

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