Essay on Is The Best Thing About Uber?

Essay on Is The Best Thing About Uber?

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Name brand recognition is a powerful thing and becomes even more powerful when your name brand starts being used as a verb to describe that item. For instance Kleenex is a brand of tissue and Band-Aid is a brand of bandage, but when you need one of those items you rarely hear someone ask for a tissue or a bandage. You hear people say, “Pass me a Kleenex,” or “I need a Band-Aid”. Uber, despite being a relatively new player in the car service game, has already established that type of name brand recognition. Although Uber may seem like nothing short of a wildly successful company, there has also been some backlash and critics of the newly developed car service. Here we will take a deeper dive and explore a couple of reasons why Uber is a positive development and conversely, why Uber should be stopped.
The Positives
Arguably the best thing about Uber is the cost efficiency and ease of use. While I do not speak from personal experience, I cannot imagine trying to catch a cab in the hustle and bustle of a huge city like New York City or Chicago because at times catching one off of Beale can be challenging enough for this small town girl. Uber takes the stress of that away. Uber has capitalized on technology and the impact it has had on our day-to-day lives with the development of their app and henceforth, their business. With Uber, your ride is just a few taps on your smart phone away. And the cherry on top, it is almost always cheaper than a taxi fare and certainly easier to ride share with friends as opposed to chatting up a total stranger to cut the cost of your ride .
Secondly, your ride is almost certainly going to be more pleasant in an Uber than in a taxi. Uber drivers are using their own personal cars and often go the extra...

... middle of paper ...

...ior service for less. In a sense Uber has essentially achieved the unachievable by offering a superior product for less. As previously stated in the positive aspects of Uber, an Uber car is almost cleaner, safer, and less expensive than a traditional taxi. In comparison to taxi services, Uber is undoubtedly superior and has achieved that through their pricing strategy and product differentiation . Although, I currently am a supporter of Uber, after reading the articles on the backlash they have received and learning more about their treatment of employees I have some skepticism about the company moving forward. In an ideal world a company as innovative and successful would also be a great employer and be one of the top places to work. However, this does not seem to be the case for Uber and I will be interested to see the effect it has on business moving forward.

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