Is The Best Place For Life Beyond Earth? Essay

Is The Best Place For Life Beyond Earth? Essay

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Are alone in the universe? Where is the best place to search for life beyond Earth? Recent discoveries have transformed our understanding about the conditions of life and suggest that life might be more prevalent than once imagined before. Even NASA experts have stated, “It 's highly unlikely we 're alone in the universe, and we may be close to finding alien life. In fact, it may happen in the next two decades.” Various missions to our planetary neighbors in the outer solar system are revealing evidence of vast quantities of liquid water that may be present. Since water is a key ingredient for life on Earth, it would seem that these small ice covered moons of Jupiter and Saturn harbor some of the most habitable real-estate in the solar system. And following suit of NASA mantra to “follow the water” these icy moons could be the best place to begin our search. NASA’s mantra to “follow the water” allows us to safety bet on the moons of Jupiter and Saturn.
As space technology advances the chances of finding life are greater than ever. The search focuses on the three key ingredients for life that scientist often consider the trifecta in the search of a world with such a trio. These includes elements (put together as organic molecules), energy (to drive chemical reactions), and of course water (as a solvent). The first is life’s basic chemical building blocks made from simple elements found in clouds of gas and dust that gave birth to all the planets and moons. They are compounds called organics primarily containing carbon, oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen and a few other elements (SPONCH), and are necessary to build organisms. Probes are finding these biogenic elements to be quite common. These essential chemical building blocks of life are...

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...s enormous implications for the origin of life and a foundation in predictive theoretical biology, because if life started on Titan, it would illustrate life’s tenacity and show how life can start twice under two very different conditions.
This would ultimately illustrate that life is a natural process, which will occur on many different worlds. Titan, Enceladus, and Europa are places within our very own solar system that remain attainable goals for space policy practices and future missions, to search for where life could potentially gain a foothold. The three vital factors, energy, liquids, and chemical building blocks are more widespread than ever previously realized and we no longer restrict ourselves to goldilocks zones because of how much broader our thinking has become. Lastly, if it is possible here than could the right conditions make it possible elsewhere?

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