Is The Art Of Conversation Really Dying? Essay

Is The Art Of Conversation Really Dying? Essay

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Is the Art of Conversation Really Dying?
The Effects of Modern Communication
Here’s a scenario for you, two women meet at a café to catch up on each other’s lives and are having a good time on a beautiful day. Suddenly the conversation takes a turn for the worse when one woman passes an inappropriate comment (say about the other’s weight or outfit, something that need not be said) and ruins a perfectly pleasant conversation. This is what Dorothy Nevill’s quote; “The real art of conversation is not only to say the right thing at the right place but to leave unsaid the wrong thing at the tempting moment.” Explains how the art of conversation runs deeper than just “saying the right thing” but also learning to hold your tongue and not say something that could be hurtful or inappropriate. It is this impulsive behavior that Mark Twain talks about in his quote, “Man is the only animal that blushes. Or needs to” because humans have the capacity to be foolish that can lead to shame or embarrassment. However, in today’s Internet age the etiquette of conversation is almost extinct with the increasing use of social media and texting to avoid face-to-face conversations. People are not learning the skills needed for real life social situations. Thus, the sad reality is people do not feel they need to abide by the rules of appropriate conversation and shame is no longer felt for their inappropriate behavior in the cyber world.
First, lets explore the impact of the boom of the Internet age, resulting in the decline of face-to face conversations. Since the rise of social media, email and texting, the way we communicate has changed drastically. People do not feel the need for human interaction anymore and can go months without it while still stayi...

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...cent article in the Good Men Project called “ Empathy in the Internet Age – Better or Worse?” by Nathan Timmel talks about how people faced by tragedies are being attacked by strangers on the Internet because sadly the Internet gives everyone a voice minus the compassion. (Timmel, 2016)
To conclude, Technology may have brought us closer by keeping us “connected” but is also responsible for the decline of real communication. The need for human companionship is no longer craved as people much rather stay on their screens than make an actual conversation. The art of conversation that Dorothy Nevill talks about is dying and along with it so is shame and empathy. This decline in communication will only continue with the rise of technology, resulting in negative impacts on society that will affect the future generations unless steps are taken to rectify this situation.

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