Is the American Pit-bull Breed an Excessively Vicious Breed or Are They Just Misunderstood by Today’s Standards?

Is the American Pit-bull Breed an Excessively Vicious Breed or Are They Just Misunderstood by Today’s Standards?

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When you see a pit bull dog walking down the street on a leash, what is the first thing that goes through your mind? For some, it is a great sense of anxiety, panic and fear, for others it is the thought that this amazing, beautiful breed is misunderstood. Have you ever stopped and thought about if the pit bull breed is really a vicious breed, or are they just misjudged due to the repute that others have given them along with the many myths that are attached to them? What about the owners of these beloved animals? Do you ever think that they are the reason that their pit bull dog is vicious? Many people over think when it comes down to the pit bull breed. Instead of taking the time to do proper research and understand them, many people would rather permit the lies and the hearsay throughout the media to make up their minds up that the Pit bull breed is a malicious, hurtful breed. People do not know the facts behind the Pit bull breed or where their reputation comes from. Often this Individual breed becomes a target for something that they have no control over. It's time to find the facts. Pit Bulls can be as gentle as any other breed of dog, but due to lies and lack of proper facts from people the Pit Bull breed has been ruined and typecast.
The pit bull breed was created by breeding Old English Terriers and Old English Bulldogs together to create a dog that joined the gameness of the terrier with the force and vigor of the bulldog. These dogs were bred in England. The American Pit Bull Terriers were first introduced during World War I and World War II. The job of the Pit Bulls was to deliver messages back and forth across the battlefields. Pit Bulls were bred to bait bulls and bears as a sport back in the...

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...ative stereotypes and myths that have haunted them throughout the years. You have to report illegal dog fighting to help this beautiful breed have a great chance at changing their circumstance.
Over all there is not a bad breed there are only bad owners. The bad people who are irresponsible and mistreat these precious animals. Stand up for them and help give them a fighting chance. All the breed is misunderstood and deserves a fair chance.

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