Is The American Educational System Doing A Good Job For Everyone? Essay

Is The American Educational System Doing A Good Job For Everyone? Essay

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2. Is the American educational system doing a good job for everyone? If not, who are the groups most impacted by the imbalance both in academic and social education in our schools? Have programs like "school choice" helped or hurt the situation? What could be done better?

The American educational system is doing an okay job for everyone but not exactly for the minority groups such as African-American and Latinos. They are the most groups that get the most impact by the imbalance both in academic and social education in our schools. I, personally think the programs like “school choice” has helped a little bit but not much as it should to help out those who needs more help with academic work and social education while being in school. There is a lot that can be done such as making sure that kids understand the grading system because I don’t actually understand the grading system so I think that one of them should be done much better than now. Students who need more help than others should/ or could have extra help all through the school day with another teacher besides the regular teacher to improve their education in their classes.
There are students who need more help than others in order to improve their overall education and become much better at what they do. If you encourage students to do better, they are going to improve as much as they can to become a much better learner. For example, I read an article by Kahlenberg, “The Return of ‘Separate But Equal’” and I was talking about my own education between California and Vermont. In California, my education was rocky and I needed to improve my overall education in order to get into a good college in the future. I was acting up in grade school, hardly pay attention to the teac...

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...ttention to the rest of the people. Homeless, poor and military citizens needs food, clothes and a roof over their hands. Just by giving them some money to get by for months or so, isn’t going to help them survive, it’s more of struggle to keep thinking and register for food stamps and social security every year.
America wants everyone to be beyond the poverty line but why not help those in need more than those who are already been fortunate enough to have everything. Focusing on the rich and powerful and helping them get more richer and powerful isn’t going to help those in need. And if the rich and powerful just stop thinking about themselves for one moment and help those in need than maybe more than half of the American citizens wouldn’t be in poverty. Poverty is a daily life struggle and no one should be in it and be alone to survive with their own families.

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