Is The Alcibiades, Written By Plato Essay

Is The Alcibiades, Written By Plato Essay

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When everyone goes left, the philosopher goes right. When everyone is writing the, philosopher has his head in the clouds. This is what the philosopher is according to my grandmother. The philosopher may have insights, but none of them will even remotely close to pragmatic. Philosophy often thought of as the Latin of languages, interesting but no longer has a useful value unless you’re going trying to major in something specific such as law. What does it mean to philosophies and what values does philosophy still have in modern society?
The first book we read is the Alcibiades, written by Plato. The Alcibiades is a dialogue that takes place during a Symposium, a drinking party, featuring Socrates and a young Alcibiades. The Alcibiades begins by Socrates approaching Alcibiades. Socrates proclaims his love for Alcibiades and claims that his love has never faltered. “I was the first man to fall in love with you. …. you’re wondering why I’m the only one who has not given up.” (103a) All this time Socrates has been admiring/stalking Alcibiades but hasn 't talked to him because a diamonic being has prevented Socrates from doing so. Socrates knows Alcibiades has felt superior to every suitor and details he thought so. “You say you don 't need anybody for anything since your own qualities, from your body right up to your soul, are so great there is nothing you lack.” (104a 2). Even though Alcibiades is arrogant Socrates hasn 't given up on him just yet. Socrates veers the discussion to the Ambition of Alcibiades. Socrates notes if Alcibiades has two options he would choose death rather than be permitted to acquire anything greater. What Alcibiades truly desires is for his “reputation and your influence to saturate all mankind.”(105c 3) So...

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...d consider the essence of a mistake, I thought I knew something that I in fact did not know.
The hermeneutic circle can be described as opening your eyes and viewing the world through a different lenses. The Greek counterpart deals with wonder. Alethia in Greek means revelement the opposite of concealment and phusis is the movement between revealing and concealing. So phusis leads to alethia. Phusis can only occur in agon. Agon is competitive competition without agon the practice of self-cultivation is what is required to move out of the vicious circle into the hermeneutic circle. Agon is the difficulty of growth. The more that something reveals itself the more that thing conceals itself. This seems paradoxical in nature however, you can see this with a plant. The more the tree grows the deeper the roots go, but we only see portion of the tree, not the entire thing.

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