Essay about Is Terrorism Really What We Think?

Essay about Is Terrorism Really What We Think?

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Is Terrorism really what we think?
Whether the reasons for terrorism is right or wrong, the truth is we need wake up calls from time to time, alike to 9/11 it gave the United States a reality check and caused them to question their legitimacy of being a super power nation. Certain Ideologies that terrorists have may not be wrong, such as fighting back against political regimes.
Whether the reasons of terrorism is right or wrong, we need wake up calls from time to time as the tragic events of 9/11 was that very wakeup call America had because to this day it is still remembered. 9/11 was a significant wakeup call for the United states because most Americans today still remember the events as if it was yesterday, and the first graders on the year of that tragic event have grown up and joined the military to fight against this threat. It has been fourteen long years after the attacks and America still remembers it and will continue to be relevant forever because unlike World War 2 where there was a clear enemy which was the Japanese, United states is facing against an enemy that is facel...

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