Is Terrorism A Social Process? Essay examples

Is Terrorism A Social Process? Essay examples

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Terrorism a social process primarily because it forms from a group of people aligned in a belief that deals directly with a social context of the time period or of a previous time period. There is the occasional “lone wolf”, who acts alone, but their beliefs are related to the social context. Within a terrorist group the individuals have roles to play. The social process determining their roles involves using their strengths to maximize the group effectiveness. The leadership within the group convinces the individuals that their role is an important one, and uses teamwork to bolster the individual’s follow-through. This social process of defining their roles is important because other members interpret the actions of others along with their own to envision success. The framework of meaning helps researchers examine the circumstances in which the subjects define their roles. (White p. 29.) The structure framework clearly defines the social process by referencing all groups and how they organize to achieve their goal. This process almost always has a leader who makes all the final decisions on the specific structure of the group. This is no different in the framework for terrorist groups. The process of putting the right people in the right roles to achieve success.

Can one perfect their religious beliefs without group reinforcement and support, to justify their terrorist actions? Explain why or why not.

Typically religious beliefs start at an early age if your family has them. This takes form in socialization of the children which in this case is almost always from a group even if it’s a small one. In the Muslim belief system of Islam this is not just a view but a lifestyle. Young people learn over time ...

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... Jeffery Ian Ross (1999, pp 169-192) says it may be possible to conceptualize terrorism in a model that combines social structure with group psychology. Ross believes that five interconnected processes are involved in terrorism: joining the group forming the activity, remaining in the campaign, leafing the organization, and engaging in acts of terrorism. Rather than simply trying to profile the typical terrorist, Ross tries to explain how social and psychological processes produce terrorism. (White, 2014)
Terrorists are more complex than the average criminal mind. I do believe that professionals could profile successfully only if they had complete access to information pertaining to each suspected person. The political landscape of the American government and the will of the people limit full access. So for now I will say that they cannot be profiled completely.

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