Is Televisoin Beneficial to Society? Essay

Is Televisoin Beneficial to Society? Essay

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New technologies are changing our society each day. They enhance the world around us and the way we live within it. Inventions such as refrigerators, microwaves, cell phones, computers, cars, and televisions have worked to make our lives easier and simpler. Yet, some of these inventions have become controversial topics over the years. People with combating views and opinions have argued the pros and cons of each invention, television being one of the most popular to debate. People may argue about whether television is beneficial or detrimental to society. My opinion is that actually, it is neither. While there may be dangers and benefits surrounding television, the media itself is not a problem or a favor. Any blessing or blight lies with those who watch it.
Of course, everyone can agree that television has become an important fixture in our lives. This machine makes it possible for people at any place or time to learn, laugh, and discover the many wonders of the universe from their living room chair. It also allows those who dislike the idea of reading a newspaper, browsing the internet, or listening to a radio station a simple alternative for staying caught up on the news. Television has been seen as one of the most effective ways for reaching out and influencing the masses since it caught on in the 1950’s. TV affects the way people view politics, fashion, social culture, and the world itself. From news stations broadcasting across the country and keeping us all up to date, to movies and TV shows playing for pleasure, television keeps our society connected and entertained.
Television shows today make us work harder and think clearer. As programs become more and more complex, we have started scrutinizing the shows and viewing te...

... middle of paper ...’s a big, beautiful world out there, and not even the widest TV screen or the sweetest Animal Planet documentary can compare to the real view.” People need to remember that while the TV can bring many wonders into their living rooms, there is still a huge world outside their door.
TV is not a magic box in which to lose yourself. It’s also too powerful of a tool to be ignored. Like many gadgets that came before or after, the television is neither friend nor foe, good nor bad, rather it is a tool to be used by smart people who have the common sense to use it well. People have been arguing for years as to whether television is more beneficial to society or detrimental to society. While each side has their own points and examples, I believe that one fact is clear: The problem does not lie with the television itself, but how we use it in our daily lives. Use it wisely.

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