Is Technology Really A Big Enough Deal? Essay

Is Technology Really A Big Enough Deal? Essay

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Is technology really a big enough deal to distract you from what you are doing? Technology had advanced within the years, but with the increase of technology brings more problems such as distractions in real life. Such issues that derive from technology are texting, calling, and gaming. Worrying that we can 't input the word “Hi” and press send instead of saying it aloud, knowing that technology such as cellular phone is in charge of your life, why let technology distract you from the beauty around us. We need to find a better use for technology, and a way for it not to interfere with our daily lives. Such distractive devices can be dealt with by time-management, discipline and real life activities.
Communication is a key factor in human life, but what happens if we stop communicating face to face? What if technology distracts us from [socializing with] the people around us? In the article, “Can We Auto Correct Humanity” by Prince Ea, it states that, “Let me finish by saying you do have a choice, yes. But this one my friend we cannot Auto-Correct –we must do it ourselves. Take control or be controlled, make a decision.” This statement states that when you are on you devices you will have your errors fixed by machines but in reality you have to do so yourself, but how can you when you are too used to talking through your fingers, rupturing the bond between people relationships. Technology not only prevents you from face-to-face communication but it can also be a distraction to the things you do. Many teens uses the phones for music to distract them from the people or problems around them on purpose, but not all distraction are a good thing. For instance, while doing homework on paper many would say listening to music on their devi...

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...all Dictation Method, where the teacher at each period would collect any devices they have at the beginning of the class, have them put their names on it and put it in a zip block bag and be put in the block for the period. If they do not have a device with and get caught using a device in class, the device should then be confiscated and sent to the office to be collected by a parent of guardian.
You can lose a phone, but get a new one but you can lose a life and never get it back. You only live once, so why do so on a device? Problems involving technology such lack of verbal communication and how it can distract you from reality is only some of the miner issues. We need to find ways to not only help ourselves live a happier life without technology and being glued to the screen. Weather it being shutting off you phone for an hour a day or not having it around you.

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