Is Technology Improving our Education? Essay example

Is Technology Improving our Education? Essay example

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Before delving in and seeing if technology has bettered our education in the 21-century, we should probably go back and explore how it originated. Marcia Clemmitt, in the article Digital Education discharges that “Electronic computers were invented in the early 1940's and used as early as 1943 for a wartime educational purpose -- as flight simulators.” (Clemmitt 1012). Clemmitt, in her article states the nature of the first computers coming into use in order to shine light on the original purpose they had. Helping our men and women in the line of battle, but once computers came out it was time to find other applications this wonderful technology could be integrated amongst. Clemmitt writes that, “More schools have computers, but most are used for record-keeping, other administrative purposes.” (1011). Clemmitt, displays how things progress as time moves on by telling us that computers are moving their way into schools. Clemmit mentions that, “Schools sensibly start by giving the teacher a computer to serve as a grade book, communicate using websites and email and replace audio-visual aids. Helping teachers become comfortable with technology is an important first step toward helping them figure out how to use it productively for student learning, she says.” (1019). Before technology can take hold in an environment it first need to go through baby steps. Clemmitt, wrote that Acts are providing brick and mortar schools with technology. For example the programming language BASIC was invented, along with additional computer learning programs (1011). These applications will help development of computers and the versatility of them, and how suitable they will be for school function. Clemmitt, then mentions that the amount of schools gra...

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