Is Technology Bad Or Good? Essay

Is Technology Bad Or Good? Essay

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Is technology bad or good?
In a modern society when technology is developed so quickly, and it helps us contact everyone much easier, but there is a big issue that we can recognize easily. People are dependent on technology so much. People tend to focus on technology stuff with their social network than to talk to others who present in front of them, technology makes people less sociable, and ruins the connection between them, and it creates the isolation.
People are dependent on technology to do their things in daily life. In a normal morning when people wake up, and they suddenly take the phone right away just to check the information on their phones, it shows how people are under the control of their phones, especially in teenagers. Teenagers are addictive to their phones so much. They can put their faces on the phone for a whole day without getting bored. They always check their phones whenever they have a chance instead of doing something else. “Nearly 80% of teens in the new survey said they checked their phones hourly, and 72% said they felt the need to immediately respond to texts and social networking messages” (Wallace). Most of the teenagers feel uncomfortable without their phones in the pocket. For example, we can see immediately a lot of students in high schools or colleges who hold their phones and walk around the hallway. They try to walk near the walls so they won’t accidentally fall into someone else, and they can keep looking at their screens without getting a distraction. Teenagers focus on what are really happening on the social network than the reality. Teenagers can do anything with only their phones in hand, the latest technology in the phone helps them watch the movie online, read the magazines or newspaper...

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...ople believe isolation will be good because we can spend more time alone, and get distraction away to focus on something else, but the truth is they just make up some reasons for their behaviors, and they tend to get out of the society to be alone.
Technology is not bad if we can control ourselves. We can try to be less dependent on it. People need to balance their time on using technology and doing physical activities, so they can have a healthy social life.
Technology can create a bad result whenever people don’t use it right. The society is formed by the communication, and if we are dependent on technology so much then we will ruin everything that they need to be in the right place. We can become an emotionless person because we always put our faces on those screens. We lose our real-life relationship because of those superficial connections online.

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