Is Technology A Villain? Essay

Is Technology A Villain? Essay

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As far back as the earliest of human existence, technology has always been our number one supporter. From the use of wooden sticks to the use of a cell phone, technology has always been there to help us out with both challenging and non-challenging tasks. Even in today’s high-tech world, technology never stops improving which we have witness by the new gadgets and smartphones that appear on advertisements and TV commercials. Although technology is far from being injurious, our constant dependence on it has labeled technology a villain rather than a hero. At often times, we are so fascinated and intrigued by our technological devices that we tend to let it get the best of us. Addiction, cheating, and texting and driving are the main problems that stand out amongst several. Luckily, to every problem, there is always a solution.
An addiction to technology such as social media or video games has lead to human ignorance of the beautiful environment outside. Before modern technology such as the internet was introduced to the world, society was sociable and nature was recognizable. The opportunity of making new friends by meeting them at a library or at the mall was the original method of “adding” new friends. Harvesting, planting, and plowing crops and trees in your own backyard was the original “FarmVille”, the famous Facebook game. Unfortunately, the over-dependence of technology has taken that opportunity away from many people, specifically the ones who are suffering from an addiction to it. The consequences of a technology addiction, such as glancing at a computer screen too long, leads to blurred vision, headaches, and eye strain. In addition, spending a large amount of time playing video games means that one isn’t getting enough ...

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...xting are being increasingly recognized, going by the quantum of fines imposed for texting violations.” No matter how strict the laws on texting and driving may be, there are enforced to prevent accidents and save valuable human lives. As the famous texting and driving slogan says, “Stop the Texts and Stop the Wrecks!”
Hence, technology is not the problem, but how we over-depend on it is what causes the problem in the first place. If we learn to take responsibility for our mishaps when using technology, we won’t have to deal with such negative outcomes. Even though technology can seize our attention in a matter of seconds, we must learn not to let it take advantage of our mind. Technology is our friend, not our enemy, therefore it is up to us to use it intelligently and periodically in order to live in a safe manner while enjoying our favorite technological devices.

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