Is Technology A Dangerous Way Of Communication? Essay

Is Technology A Dangerous Way Of Communication? Essay

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Technology has advanced immensely in the last 50 years. We are living in the digital age where technology and social media have become a part of our everyday routine. Majority of the nation owns a cell phone equipped with the ability to text. Since technology has become a very convenient way of communication, it has even managed to change human interactions and become apart of relationships. Texting limits relationships because its simply impossible to express emotion the way you can in person. Physically communicating and connecting with a person will never compare to texting or any social media.
There comes a time where as human beings we need someone physically here with us whether we need advice , support, or just someone to express our feelings to. A Text simply cannot equal to their physical presence, In Ashton Kutcher’s article “Has Texting Killed Romance?” he explains “But the reality is that we communicate with every part of our being and there are times when we must use it all. when someone need us , he or she needs all of us there’s no text that can replace a loving touch when someone we love is hurting.”I agree with Kutcher. I know this from my own experience. About a year ago I received a text from my best friend explaining that she needed me and that it was an emergency. It just so happens that my phone was dead and I had fallen asleep early that night.I received the text in the morning and then responded to later find out her brother had been brutally shot and murdered. Let’s hypothetically say I had received that text that night, there would have been nothing I could have done or said over text to comfort her. She needed me at that moment there right then and there, and this just proves a text will never compare t...

... middle of paper ... be more reserved at first , we will read a text repeatedly 10 times to be sure thats the perfect response. Texting gives this freedom but it causes a conflict because that is not you. your first reaction in which you would have in person is you. Flaws are what make you, who you are, so Texting takes away from getting to know a person for their true personalities. Getting to know someone especially someone with special interest you simply cannot do over text.
Physically connecting with a person will never compare. A physical presence adds emotion, connection, and reality to any situation. Technology continues to advance and give us these digital alternate universes but the reality is it is all simulated and phony. Physically connecting and communicating with an individual is the reality of relationships.Imagine a world where we only communicated through technology.

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