Essay about Is Teaching Small Children New Things?

Essay about Is Teaching Small Children New Things?

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Most expectant mothers are told to read to their child before it 's ever born. When the baby is born, they tell them to read to them even more. When the kid turns four, you are told to put your child in head start programs. From ages two to five it is known that a child learns the most. In this age group the child will start of by learning the alphabet, then learning how to write their name, which will then lead to reading and writing. This is only the beginning to all of the amazing things they will learn.
Something that I am passionate about is teaching small children new things. My favorite things to teach them is how to read, write, and how to do math. Most of all, I like to teach them English. Their small minds are so eager to learn new things. I find that the smaller they are, the easiest it is for them to learn new things. Not just is it easier, but they are eager to learn a new language, making it easier for them to learn new things.
My high school year, I had the opportunity to be in a program where we would go to J.L. Everhart, an elementary school. We were all assigned...

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