Essay on Is Sunny Days Child Development Center?

Essay on Is Sunny Days Child Development Center?

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The program that I observed was Sunny Days Child Development Center. I completed this observation in the 12-24 month old classroom. The youngest child was 13 months and the oldest child was 22 months at the time of the observation. There were 10 children present and 3 adults and the ratio according to the lead teach of the Toddler One, there will always be 2 caregivers there all day, even though Iowa law allows a 1:4 ratio of caregiver to child. The room itself was arranged very well and very child appropriate. A lot of the materials were recycled (plastic containers, big boxes, and small boxes used as blocks) and the majority of the furniture is made of wood and in good condition. The arrangement and display was also very appropriate for the age group. Overall, according to the ITERS-R by T. Harms. D. Cryer, and R.M. Clifford and my observations, this program received an average score of 7.
The book Infants, Toddlers and Caregivers: A Curriculum of Respectful, Responsive Care and Education lists out 10 principles that caregivers should pay attention to if they want to implement respect in their caregiving scenarios. 5 of these principles are “Involving infants and toddlers in things that concern them.” (J.G. Mena p. 5), “Learn each child’s unique way of communicating and teach yours.” (J.G. Mena p. 6), “Respect infants and toddlers as worthy people” (J.G. Mena p. 6),”Investing time and energy into building a whole person.” (J.G. Mena p. 6), and “Model the behavior you want to teach.” (J.G. Mena p. 6). This center completed the first, involving infants and toddlers, by means of routine work. I observed a care giver putting away laundry right as the children were waking up from their nap. One child was up and walking around. Ins...

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...appropriate books and relevant experiences related to listening, speaking, reading, and writing.” (J.G. Mena p. 195). Although this room focuses on the first two more than the last, due to the age of the children, they are actively supporting all four of those elements through making the area a language and literacy rich environment. They have many, many books available at all times for the children. They also implement learning in “teacher talk” to the children. It seems they are always asking the children questions and repeating words in their conversations to help with word recognition and formations. This helps the children understand and then use that new language. I scored the Listening and Talking section in the ITERS-R book an average score of 7 due to the amount of literacy and language rich elements in the conversations and in the environment of this room.

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