Is Sugar Coating The Past Is The Biggest Sin A Teacher? Essay

Is Sugar Coating The Past Is The Biggest Sin A Teacher? Essay

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Sugar coating the past is the biggest sin a teacher can commit. It is doing the exact opposite of which their job is to do. A teacher’s job, especially a history teacher’s job, is to teach students about the past. If it is sugar coated, it is not teaching the truth. It is teaching a work a fiction. Even though that teacher is trying to help their students, trying to protect their students, the students are learning nothing. One of the best pieces of works dealing with censorship is “The History Teacher” by Billy Collins. “Trying to protect his students’ innocence/ he told them the Ice Age was really just/ the Chilly Age, a period of a million years/ when everyone had to wear sweaters./ And the Stone Age became the Gravel Age,/ named after the long driveways of the time…(Collins 1-6). “The History Teacher” shows how one teacher’s decision to “protect” his students has not changed their behavior at all. They continue to “torment the weak/ and the smart,/ mussing up their hair and breaking their glasses,” (Collins 14-16). The teacher’s protection has backfired. He taught the students a work of fiction and they did not believe him or his stories. They continue to do their worst as the teacher continues to live in his fantasy world where he makes up the history in which he wants to teach. He continues to live in a world in which he makes up so he can pretend that he is helping them. “The History Teacher” shows why sugar coating the past is wrong. Doing so to a work such as The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, will have students going around, believing that slavery was not so bad, that whites just referred to slaves as slaves and nothing more or less, and that racism was never real.
The problem with America today is that there is too m...

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... past racism. Students would not get the truth which no matter how hard it may be to teach, no matter how hard it may be to hear, it is always better than sugar coating the past.
“Moor” in Othello and “Nigger” in The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn are two different books that have similar controversies. They both show how one character, who is different from all the others because of his skin color can change the surrounding characters for good or bad. They both show how readers can criticize works of art because they disagree with the artists’ choices. Othello shows how the connotation of a word can change from the time the piece was written to the time that it is read, today. And The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn shows everyone that sugar coating and censoring the past is wrong and that telling the truth, no matter how hard it may be, is always the right choice.

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