Is Society Ready For A Drone State? Essay

Is Society Ready For A Drone State? Essay

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Is society ready for a Drone state? Perhaps, to the parochialism, the excitement, fun, ease, and cost- effectiveness of replacing manual labor with Drones is the answer. However, whether society is ready or not, the aerial revolution is here; and the fast-growing Drone industry is expected to grow at an annual compound growth rate of 19 percent in the next five years (Business Insider, 2015). Similarly, Elizabeth Palermo (2014), Staff writer for Livescience, projects the drone industry to be an 11-billion-dollar industry by 2024. What this mean is that the rate of Drone acceleration is surpassing legislative ability to regulate it and the collusion of law enforcement with Drone industry without proper regulations and guidance will result in past failure, a society under constant government surveillance. The challenge is two-fold; commercial/civilian regulations for Drones and law enforcement use. The gravamen is on law enforcement use of Drones and whether the use infringes on privacy rights guaranteed under the Fourth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. Law enforcement must obtain a search warrant before deploying Drones for surveillance; by having a search warrant, law enforcement will comply with caselaw precedent, avoid privacy rights violation, and build legitimacy in the community they police.
The use of Drones as a supplemental tool in the fight against crime has many perks; for example, it can be used for search and rescue mission in mountainous terrains, survey the layout of a complex before a SWAT mission, or take aerial photographs of crime scenes. However, the argument being advanced here is whether Drone surveillance constitutes a search under the Fourth Amendment when it is deployed merely to gather eviden...

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...e. Further, the courts have found that encroaching upon the sanctity of an individual’s home, the immediate and surrounding area constitutes an unreasonable search and seizure under the Fourth Amendment. Furthermore, numerous states, such as Illinois, Montana, Virginia, and California have implemented guidelines requiring a search warrant before launching Drones (except in emergency situations). The use of Drones as a supplemental tool for law enforcement has great potential; however, law enforcement must look to legitimize Drone usage by respecting individual privacy rights and eliminating unnecessary intrusion that infringes upon societal values protected by the Fourth Amendment. The personal use of Drones for investigative purposes must be vehemently discouraged; it is better to establish probable cause and seek a search warrant for the better good of society.

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